Executive Profiles

  • Mr Chau Kim Wa


    The CEO of Evernal is Mr Chau Kim Wa. Mr Chau Kim Wa has spent his entire career successfully developing a number of successful companies operating in the energy industry and located primarily in the Pearl River Delta region.

    In addition to his involvement in Evernal, Mr Chau’s other business interests are operated through the parent company Foshan Huaheng.

  • Mr Ivan Chau Ching Hoi

    Executive Director

    Mr. Ivan Chau manages Evernal’s commodity procurement operations. Ivan has been working in the commodity procurement industry for many years and has most recently been involved in establishing Evernal’s coal procurement activities in Australia and Indonesia, as well as securing as well as securing the significant end-user customer base in Southern China that is providing the growth opportunities for the company.

  • Department Heads

    The Evernal Group has department heads for business, finance, procurement, legal and ongoing asset management.